Show Team

Australian Champion Niltaran Ernace Tungulra WPD WPDX ROA

Felix is a character.  He is not the bravest of Malamutes but is an absolute joy to own.  He has no interest in trying to become Alpha dog with the other males at home.  Off to a slow start in his show career, Felix is now a consistent winner.  In 2012 he achieved his Australian Championship & WPDX (Working Pack Dog Excellent) which both gave him his ROA (Register of Achievement).  He has also been working hard with his sister Zelby to gain a sledding title.

  • AMCV Specialty Show 2012 – Best Australian Bred In Show.

BISS Australian Champion Niltaran Karuzer Shiiva (AI)

Shiiva is the youngest malamute – at 6mths and 3 days to win a Specialty Show.
She is a beautiful type bitch with a true sable color coat, excellent bite, and very graceful, effortless movement.
Shiiva is a real smooch and loves keeping an eye on the household felines.  Shiiva is already pointed and winner of Multi BOB, Class in Group.

  • AMCV Point Score 2011 – Best Minor Puppy Bitch

 Australian Champion Niltaran Karuzr Layla (AI)

Layla has been taking a back seat while her sisters Blazer & Shiiva do their thing in the show ring.  Layla has now migrated inside with her grandmother Grace and the three felines.  She keeps herself busy by hunting mice and crickets.


RUBISS Australian Champion Niltaran Karuzr Blazer (AI)

10 Point BEST of BREED 2 days out of Baby puppy

Blazer is a real mischievious girl, she gets into everything. Loves digging in puddles and dancing in the rain just before a show.
Blazer is a very consistent winner, she has an excellent bite, beautiful coat, and lovely shaped dark eyes. Her movement is very clean and true for such a young age. She is also a Multi Class in Group winner.

  • Best Gait AMCV Open Show 2011
  • AMCV Point Score 2011 – Best Baby Puppy Bitch
  • AMCV Point Score 2011 – Best Puppy Bitch


Australian Champion Niltaran Ernace Sakari (A)

Thomas has been handling Kari since she was 12 weeks old, and on the 11th July 2010 showed her to her Australian Championship.
Kari is a Multi BOB, RUBOB, Class in Group and Sweepstakes winner. Multi class winner for Alaskan Malamute Club of Vic Pointscore.
At the Alaskan Malamute Club Of NSW 2009 Championship Show Thomas handled Kari to Best Opposite Junior In Show.
Kari also has the following outstanding achievements

  • AMCV Point Score – Best Baby Puppy Bitch 2008
  • AMCV Point Score – Best Junior Bitch 2009

Now after having a family Kari has been doing some real work, she has just recently completed her first two 16km backpacking hikes towards her WPD title.  Due to an injury to her hind leg she could not complete her WPD title.

Australian Champion Niltaran Ernace Buniq (A)

Bunny does not really like the show ring – she has excellent qualities but fails to put herself on show.

Some of her achievements are

  • Best Baby Puppy in Show AMCV Open Show 2008
  • AMCV Point Score 2008 – Best Puppy Bitch
  • Runner Up Best in Show AMCV Open Show 2009
  • AMCV Point Score 2010 – Best Aust Bred Bitch
  • Best Head Bitch in Show AMCV Open Show 2011
  • AMCV Point Score 2011 – Top Alaskan Malamute Bitch
  • AMCV Point Score 2011 – Best Open Bitch

Niltaran Ernace Kirabo WPD

Keira was kept as company for her brother Felix.  Not intending to show her she started to do some backpacking with Felix and gained her WPD title.  She has one 3 day hike toward her WPDX.  While her sisters were out of coat we entered Keira in some shows and now she is over half way to her Australian Champion title.



Niltaran Troj Uniq Hektor (AI)

Hektor  is from frozen semen out of our handsome boy Trojan.  He has the same laid back temperament as Trojan and is a fun boy to have around.  As a baby he was a Multi Class in Group winner, at the  moment he is taking a break from the show ring to give him some time to mature.  He enjoys the company of Blazer, Shiiva & Layla – his little harem.

  • AMCV Point Score 2011 – Best Puppy Dog